Basic conditions of payment

Antoine F. Goetschel


I look forward to the challenge of working out solutions not just for you but also with you. Quality, efficiency and creativity come first regardless of whether I'm acting as a consultant or as an advocate - be it to the public or in front of a court. And besides the legal aspects, the economic, personal and ethical values are equally important to me, too.

Fee agreement

My hourly rate takes into consideration the difficulty of the task, the required special knowledge, the amount of interest or sum involved in the dispute, special language skills and proven experience. In the majority of cases, the secretarial costs are included in the fee. Cash expenses shall be charged additionally, based on actual costs or as a flat-rate fee. It is also possible to agree a flat-rate charge for certain work.

When representing parties in civil or criminal courts, or before the Canton of Zurich's investigation or prosecution authorities and their upper bodies, the High Court regulations on attorney fees (AnwGebV) from 21st June 2006 shall apply. This regulates the remuneration to be set by the judicial authorities. The agreement between the lawyer and the client shall take precedence over the fee.


Cost transparency

Cost transparency is extremely important to me. On request, I will compile a detailed monthly account of my services by the hour. The fee agreed with you will be in line with applicable laws and current practice. In principle, the hourly rate and the time spent will determine the fee's amount. Cash expenses will be charged separately, based on the actual expense or as a lump sum. The fee for my services and the related expenses are generally subject to VAT at the current rate of 8.1%.

A dispute before the courts can become extremely expensive very quickly. The early intervention of a lawyer can help avoid problems and save you money. I will gladly provide you with a brief description of the legal fees and costs that are likely to arise in your situation. What you will be charged for are all legal expenses and the initial interview. Advance payments and appropriate installments must be made in accordance with common lawyer practices.

Should there be a disagreement over the legal fees, you can request the Honorary Committee of the Zurich Bar Association to review my invoice. The committee, however, cannot verify the quality of the legal services rendered.

An impecunious party may request free legal representation in a pending court case on the premise that the person is indeed indigent, that a lawyer is required to conduct the case and that the lawsuit is not deemed hopeless. Should the party receive compensation from the trial or otherwise, there is an obligation for repayment.